Big Data Analytics and Intelligence

We partner you through every phase of development of the reliable and sustainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies and solutions we recommend for you. As a partner at the cutting edge of AI innovation we lead large-scale development and transfer projects in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analyses and architectures. Our solutions are aimed at large and medium-sized companies and are tailored to your individual requirements. Our working relationship with the Fraunhofer-Allianz Big Data und Künstliche Intelligenz, which we also coordinate, gives us the ability to tap into the knowledge and experience of over 30 partner institutes, covering virtually every specialism. Whatever your company’s particular issues we are perfectly positioned to find the answer.

To ensure our Big Data and AI solutions are as effective and sustainable as possible we use specialists who are familiar with the current state of the art. These specialists are trained in our “Data Scientist” advanced training and certification program. We are also working on a standard-setting catalog of criteria to be used to certify trustworthy AI applications. By so doing we are not only supporting you in developing and checking your AI applications but at the same time we are contributing towards the establishment of an ethically responsible and technically reliable AI “made in Germany”.

Portfolio of services

We guide and support you every step of the way along your AI roadmap and with every new business idea. This can include AI strategies, Big Data architectures, innovative use cases, reliable AI solutions and services or the training of your staff.

AI Strategy

We advise you and help you develop a tailored roadmap for the integration of AI in your organization. Together we create a sustainable "AI Journey", identify potential, opportunities and risks and plan how to put them into practice. For this purpose, we make use of our established consulting portfolio, consisting of the components "AI Strategy", "AI Training", "AI Solutions" and "AI Trustworthyness". We look at how AI can improve your products and processes, how turnover can be increased and costs reduced or how brand new business models can be developed.

Reliable AI – testing, protection and certification

We advise and support you in the development and use of reliable AI systems. In close cooperation with your teams, we identify and assess risks in your AI systems, take measures to secure your AI systems and prepare you for AI certification.

You will receive comprehensive support from the design to the deployment of reliable systems. We constantly incorporate the latest research results. Set the standards today to guarantee the reliability of your AI systems tomorrow.

Training courses

We ensure you and your colleagues are qualified to work with AI. Our solutions extend to training courses covering Big Data basics as well as modules for specific applications.

Inhouse training courses

For our in-house training courses, you can choose either a ready-made training schedule or a training course tailored to your individual needs.


Fraunhofer Fraud Detection

Detecting anomalies in transactions is becoming more and more time-consuming due to constantly growing data volumes. To identify the relevant fraud patterns among thousands of potential transaction characteristics is a highly complex task.

Our Fraud Detection software automatically identifies fraudulent behaviour. It combines various Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies and can be adapted to your individual needs.

Integration of ML solutions with MLOps

Which approaches, tools and architectures are best suited to deploy ML-based applications in products and companies? For this purpose, we offer you the "Machine Learning Operations" (MLOps) approach. This process model for the future-proof integration of ML solutions is agile, team-oriented and resource-efficient. We advise and accompany you in the holistic identification of suitable processes, the use of appropriate technical tools and reliable operation using established technologies.

You can also find more information in our free MLOps whitepaper (in German).

Natural Language Understanding

In every company, understanding, summarizing and categorizing texts is an essential part of many manual, time-consuming processes – whether it be the processing of daily incoming mail and e-mails, the handling of documents in contracts and accounting or industry-specific texts such as court decisions, medical documentation, literature and maintenance reports.

The Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team supports you in digitalization and automation along your process chain and makes your workflows more efficient.


How to: Detailed information for decision makers & developers

Our technologies for reliable AI

How can we verify and ensure that an AI works reliably? How can this reliability be made transparent for users and thus strengthen trust in AI applications? The key to reliable AI models is to understand how the Machine Learning processes work.

On this page, we present our technologies and solution approaches that we have developed and tested in various projects with our industrial customers and research partners.


AI Management

New AI technologies present companies and developers with new challenges. To enable them to address these systematically and in a structured manner, various institutions are working on guidelines and standards for AI management. Fraunhofer IAIS has compared the draft standard ISO/IEC WD 42001 and previous guidelines.

The study commissioned by Microsoft shows the extent to which AI management systems can support companies in the trustworthy use of AI systems and at the same time strengthen trust in AI applications.


In-memory systems

Digital transformation is generating an exponentially growing amount of data that needs to be processed increasingly quickly. Typical examples would be for the real-time analysis of message streams, for optimizing production and maintenance processes or for the dynamic management of services. The consistent and intelligent use of memories for data storage makes real-time ultra fast data processing possible for in-memory systems.


Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the financial sector

"Big Data meets Artificial Intelligence – the challenges and implications for the control and regulation of financial services" is a study published by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin) in partnership with organizations such as Partnerschaft Deutschland, the Boston Consulting Group and Fraunhofer IAIS. The study aims to evaluate the opportunities and risks involved in using Artificial Intelligence in the financial sector.


Machine Learning: Capabilities, research and applications

The AI study was conducted by Fraunhofer IAIS, Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW and the Headquarters of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. It provides a compact introduction to the most important Machine Learning concepts and methods and offers a brief summary of the challenges involved as well as new research topics. It also gives a general overview of the main players, application errors and the socio-economic parameters focusing on Germany as a location.

Start-up TechConnection

TechConnection is a start-up initiative of the Fraunhofer IAIS, which supports founders to mature new business ideas in the context of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With our technology experts and partners we have the possibilities and the capacities to take your start-up and your idea to the next level. We combine your business ideas with our tech know-how and help you to push your ideas forward and reach marketability.

Enterprise Innovation Campus

Working with us as part of our "enterprise innovation camps" offers an agile format for innovation and knowledge transfer. Beyond the day-to-day business we create open spaces for innovative ideas and creative methods for accessing new markets and technologies. Your specialists work together with our scientists on our campus to research how technically feasible your new product and service ideas might be and set the development process in motion. Knowledge transfer is a key component of this strategy: As your employees quickly gain knowledge they become more able to focus on and fully participate in our training courses and certification program.