Allinga Voice Assistant Solutions

Voice assistants can decisively simplify interaction between humans and machines in professional environments - whether in industry, healthcare, banking and insurance, or even the entertainment industry. In a team of over 60 experts, the Fraunhofer Institutes IIS and IAIS have developed the Voice Assistant Solution Allinga.

Allinga enables greater efficiency, barrier-free communication, the relief of employees and much more. Two modules, the speech recognition and speech synthesis "Allinga Voice", are already available and successfully proving themselves on the market. Further components are currently under development. In combination with each other, these will in the future result in a fully customizable voice assistance system according to European data protection standards with full data sovereignty. Your data is secure and will only be used where you want it.

Advantages for companies

Reliable, explainable and natural dialogs

Barrier-free communication

Compliance with the highest data protection standards and full data sovereignty

Higher efficiency in communication between man and machine

Customized voice assistant thanks to modular design

From research to application: Innovative Fraunhofer technology

Relief for employees