Intelligent goods flow management

An AI-based solution for distribution and allocation

Challenges in the supply chain: The right goods in the right place at the right time?

Inaccurate sales forecasts, limited storage capacity and ever-increasing volumes: the challenges facing retail logistics are complex.  The increasing growth of e-commerce in particular has led to a flood of shipments and returns, which is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Nowadays, customers expect not only shorter but also more flexible delivery times. At the same time, retailers are facing the challenge of ensuring high product availability in both e-commerce and stores.

Optimize the flow of goods with Artificial Intelligence

With our solution, we support you in incorporating products and returns into the sales process more quickly and assigning them to the optimal location, whether it's a warehouse, distribution center or store. This prevents delivery delays and increases the likelihood of a successful sale. We use an AI-based approach that helps you to make better decisions based on more accurate sales forecasts and therefore, for example, increase product availability in stores and e-commerce and make efficient use of warehouse capacity.

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The right products in the right place at the right time?

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Discover the advantages of our customizable solution for your company

Our algorithm for intelligent goods flow management is built on analyzing your internal factors (e.g., store attributes,  geographic location, sales history, and demand variability) and forecasting the future demand based on market trends, seasonality, and other relevant factors.

Intelligent returns management

Efficient returns processing maximizes product availability both in stores and in e-commerce, thus increasing sales opportunities.

Efficient warehouse management

Our innovative algorithm minimizes storage costs and increases turnover rates by precisely adjusting your stock to demand.

Shorter and more flexible deliveries

Meet the needs of your customers with more accurate sales forecasts and enable shorter and more flexible delivery times.

Simple implementation

Our solution is user-friendly and enables a fast onboarding process for your employees.

Agile decision making

Real-time insights enable you to adapt quickly to fluctuations in demand and respond to new market trends.

Scalable solution

Our approach is scalable and grows flexibly with your business while remaining cost effective.

Success Story

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We have developed an intelligent returns management solution for a large department store in Germany: Every day, several thousand returns have to be distributed as efficiently as possible from a temporary warehouse to an online warehouse or to one of more than 100 stores. With our solution, we were able to significantly reduce delivery delays and increase sales growth by 23 percent.

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