LLM Insight Experts

An intelligent assistant for ad hoc analyses

Let your data talk

Companies in the wholesale and retail sector often face the challenge of investing considerable resources to gain business-relevant insights from large and complex data sets. Extracting relevant information, analyzing sales trends and predicting customer behavior usually requires specialized skills and a deep understanding of data science. With the LLM Insight Expert, we successfully overcome the challenges and provide an innovative solution for wholesale and retail. Not only does it overcome the existing difficulties in working with data, but it also creates effortless access to critical business information for everyone. Our approach lays the foundation for data-driven decisions that not only increase efficiency but also promote sustainable success by eliminating barriers to data processing.

Great insights, easy interaction

Large language models allow you to "talk" to your data like a data scientist without being one. With our technology, you can have a direct conversation with your company data to quickly and efficiently gain the insights you need. And all without having to navigate through complex databases and analysis tools. With the LLM Insight Expert, data-driven decision making in retail becomes as simple as a conversation.

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Our generative AI solutions for wholesale and retail


Intelligent goods flow management

Distribute your goods intelligently and increase your sales opportunities

  • Better product availability at all sites
  • Prevent delivery delays
  • Efficient returns management


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  • Less effort required for text creation
  • Efficient use of context infromation
  • Improved customer journey through personalization

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