Fit for the future: Quantum readiness for companies

Ready for the quantum age with Quantum Machine Learning

Whether major breakthroughs in engineering, logistics or disruptive influences on IT security – quantum technologies have the potential to change our economy and society abruptly in the future. For companies, this means that they should already prepare for the associated challenges and clarify the following questions, among others:

  • To what extent does your company need to prepare for quantum technologies?
  • What are the individual business prospects?
  • What requirements must be met in order to achieve so-called "quantum readiness" in the company?

The experts of Fraunhofer IAIS offer their competent support to companies. In addition to providing advice and building up expertise, they show concrete ways in which you can exploit the potential of quantum technologies today.

Here, you can find all relevant information regarding Quantum Readiness condensed in a flyer (in German).

Take advantage of quantum computing today with the “IAIS Evo Annealer”

To enable companies to check in advance to what extent they can benefit from quantum technologies, Fraunhofer IAIS has developed the so-called "IAIS Evo Annealer". With the help of this technology, mathematical problems can already be solved more efficiently than before.

"Without having to access a quantum computer, our customers can use the IAIS Evo Annealer to test the extent to which their mathematical problems can be solved with quantum computing in the future. In doing so, they are already achieving profitable results."

Dr. Nico Piatkowski, Senior Scientist in the field of Quantum Machine Learning at Fraunhofer IAIS

IAIS Evo Annealer

© Fraunhofer IAIS

Our technology combines Machine Learning approaches with those of quantum information science to form "Quantum-inspired Machine Learning" (Qi-ML). Without having to access a quantum computer, we can already today perform more efficient computations for mathematical problems while also testing their compatibility with quantum technologies.


Sample use cases of the IAIS Evo Annealer

The "IAIS Evo Annealer" is tailored for computationally intensive optimization problems that need to be solved at short notice in business practice or contain a particularly large number of variables. For example:

  • Route calculations in logistics
  • Portfolio analysis in finance
  • Flight planning and logistics in aviation
  • Production of new drugs in pharmaceutical research (drug discovery)

Fraunhofer IAIS Evo Annealer can be operated via WebApp or API. We use so-called "evolutionary algorithms" that can evaluate and optimize up to 16 million possible solutions of a function per second. After a short time, through the random generation of possible solutions and intelligent trial and error, the algorithm finds an optimal solution to the mathematical problem. Our solution is future-proof because we reformulate the problem to be compatible with quantum technologies once they are well-developed.

The IAIS Evo Annealer is a "stand alone" software and hardware solution – you do not need a quantum computer and the chip does not need to be integrated into your computer: Once you have loaded the Qubo problem onto the IAIS Evo Annealer, you can store it there and have it autonomously updated at any time. In this way, the IAIS Evo Annealer can also be used to control other devices, for example.

Six steps to "quantum readiness"

Did we catch your interest for using the IAIS Evo Annealer? It usually takes three months from the project start to the deployment of the finished solution. The time required may vary depending on the use case. At the end of the project, you will have a future-proof solution and the basic understanding you need to take the next steps to prepare your business for quantum computing. To ensure a successful implementation, the experts at Fraunhofer IAIS conduct regular consultations and offer their continuous support after integration if required.

A typical project consists of the following steps:

  1. Identification of mathematical problems and potential use cases in a workshop
  2. Conversion and parameter setting of the mathematical problem for further processing with the IAIS Evo Annealer
  3. Mapping of the mathematical problem on the IAIS Evo Annealer
  4. Optimization of the solution with the IAIS Evo Annealer and manual readjustment of the parameters if necessary
  5. Deployment of the final solution
  6. Support and knowledge transfer
© Fraunhofer IAIS

Digital annealing vs. quantum computing: Where is the difference?

"Digital annealing" is used to emulate the functionality of a quantum computer.

This allows mathematical problems that were previously difficult and tedious to compute to be solved more efficiently, so-called "Quadratic unconstrained binary optimization problems" (QUBO). The computational problem is reformulated in a "quantum ready" way so that it will also be compatible with well-developed quantum technologies in the future.

If you are interested, the experts of Fraunhofer IAIS also have the possibility to perform their calculations on the only quantum computers so far in Germany from IBM and D-Wave.

IAIS Evo Annealer

  • Emulation of 2048 qubits, all usable for general QUBOs
  • Operates error-free at room temperature
  • Scales better on discrete math problems
  • 100 % compatible with D-Wave and IBM solutions
  • Cost-effective and easy integration into existing systems

Quantum computer (IBM)

  • 127 qubits, all usable for general QUBOs
  • Cooling to 0 Kelvin (-273° C) necessary for trouble-free operation (resource intensive)
  • Scales better for probability calculations (e.g. drug discovery)
  • Complex integration into existing processes