The NetMedia department’s two main priorities are their research into »Multimedia Pattern Recognition« and »Deep Learning«. Both are central to any work we do with business clients involving »Content Technologies and Services« and »Image Processing« and the specialist skills we have developed are applied with a particular emphasis on practicality.

Scientific Focus: Statistical pattern recognition algorithms

The department’s scientific focus is on exploring and developing statistical pattern recognition algorithms and processes for application to multimedia data. This generally involves predominantly unstructured image, document, voice and audio data without any additional descriptive information (meta data).  Raw multimedia data is automatically structured, analyzed and enriched with meta data with the help of document analysis, image processing and voice recognition. 

Practical Applications

The core technologies that the document analysis, image processing, voice recognition and audio analysis are based on are adjusted, licensed and integrated for practical use. In order to process comprehensive multimedia data we must also develop complex software systems. Pattern recognition processes, for instance, will be integrated into search engine applications making it easier for our customers’ data pools to be searched and accessed more efficiently.

Who we work for

NetMedia is aimed at the media (radio, TV, publishing houses) and other data intensive industries with a high demand for the analysis and recognition of unstructured data. Our customers include the German broadcasting stations WDR and SWR, the sports magazine kicker, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian Library), a range of automotive suppliers plus a number of other technology partners. We are also actively involved in national research projects such as KMU-Innovativ and European research programs such as Horizon2020 with the aim of continuously expanding and deepening our expertise.  

Business Areas


Content Technologies and Services

Our technology puts you in a position to access and exploit large amounts of media content and to make it available to your customers in a digital format.


Image Processing

Our video analysis and object and pattern recognition processes allow us to extract and process highly complex information from images alone.



Multimedia Pattern Recognition

We have developed market leading, efficient and reliable pattern recognition processes for speech, audio, image and video data and documents.


Deep Learning

We use innovative Deep Learning processes to automatically analyze media content and documents.