The NetMedia department conducts research in the field of multimodal deep learning methods for artificial intelligence, including the research topics of speech recognition, image recognition, NLP, foundation models and conversational AI. The methods developed in research are transferred into scalable and cloud-capable application systems in order to successfully transfer them into productive use at our customers. This is done in the business areas "Speech Technologies" and "Computer Vision".

Business areas


Computer Vision

If AI-based systems are to interact safely with humans and their environment they must be able to reliably recognize their surroundings.


Speech Technologies

Speech technology "made in Germany" is the ideal tool for extrapolating audiovisual content and making possible intuitive interaction in business-to-business applications.

Core competencies


Cognitive Perception

The recognition and analysis of speech, audio signals, images, videos and documents by means of artificial intelligence are the focus of our research.


Machine Learning

We design the Machine Learning of the future, which is driven by both data and knowledge.