Generative AI – Secure

Trustworthiness assessment

Protect your application from potential risks

Have you deployed foundation models or are you about to? Based on our AI Assessment Catalog, we systematically analyze your application with regard to trustworthiness and usability.

We evaluate your AI application in an understandable and cost-effective way before it is deployed in a concrete use case and advise and support you in safeguarding against AI risks.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Implement foundation models into your infrastructure

Do you already know which foundation model you want to use in your organization, but need help integrating it into your cloud-based or on-premises infrastructure?

We can help you implement your model:

  • Maintainable system components
  • Operational monitoring
  • Pipeline-based development and integration
  • Automated testing procedures

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  • Get a compact overview
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive data science training program


  • Identify use cases for your business
  • Test large AI language models
  • Find the foundation model that works for you


  • Test Foundation models for your application
  • We develop customized and industry-specific solutions

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