Mining Platform –
Extracting metadata using Artificial Intelligence

Ever increasing amounts of data

The topic of artificial intelligence is a major driving force behind digitalization and automation in companies and particularly affects the media landscape as well as the processes in broadcasting companies. Ever increasing volumes of media files need to be processed in order to provide editors and journalists with the necessary metadata in good time.

Extracting metadata fully automatically with the Mining Platform

The Mining Platform has been developed in a strategic partnership with the German broadcaster ARD, to exploit text, audio and video information fully automatically, generating valuable metadata. The generated metadata can then help to find relevant content such as files or documents faster, for example in archives, or can be used in combination and linkage with other information in order to realize new products and services.

To this, either existing workflows for text mining or audio transcription can be used, or new, individual workflows can be developed. Furthermore, customer-specific models can be trained, and new analysis services can be developed or existing services can be integrated into the Mining Platform.


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Advantages of our Mining Platform

Workflow-based system

Our Mining Platform integrates innovative and proven Fraunhofer technologies for analyzing unstructured media data into a workflow-based system and enables automated and reliable bulk processing.

Flexible integration

The system can be accessed via a REST interface and can thus be flexibly integrated into new or existing applications.


The Mining Platform can be deployed on a Kubernetes cluster in a cloud or on-premises, allowing for flexible scaling while ensuring cyber sovereignty.

Components of the Mining Platform

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The Mining Platform integrates various mining services into a workflow-based system.

Examples of use

ARD Mining Platform

The Media Data Hub, a media data system, is being developed in partnership with the German broadcaster WDR and convit GmbH. Our Mining Platform is an essential component for the automatic analysis of media content. As part of a central metadata system, the Mining Platform processes the radio and television broadcasts produced on a daily basis, as well as the relevant accompanying and acquired materials like news reports and press articles. The metadata obtained in this way is used for cross-media research, among other things, but can also be utilized by other systems. An article with further details has been published in the german FKT magazine (paywalled).


The AI4MediaData project researches approaches for generating knowledge about media content and its use, as well as ways for linking metadata and usage data.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy BMWi, we develop and improve methods for face, object and scene recognition, collaborating closely with our Computer Vision business unit.


The goal of this EU-H2020 research project is to establish an European competence centre and network for the development and dissemination of the next generation of AI methods for the media sector.

Particular attention is paid to the consideration of European values for ethical and trustworthy AI. With the help of the Mining Platform we create synergies with the AI4EU project.