Selected research topics and core competencies

The markets require innovation and innovation requires research. Innovation arises where teams of high-profile scientific experts with clear goals exchange ideas, work closely together on joint research projects, train students and PhD candidates and are active in scientific communities. Find out about our core competencies and research highlights here.

Core competencies


Cognitive Perception

The core of our research is based around using Artificial Intelligence to recognize and analyze speech, audio signals, images, videos and documents.


Big Data Infrastructures

Protected data rooms and container technologies facilitate AI access and make reliable and secure data exchange possible.


Machine Learning

We help shape the future of Machine Learning, driven by data and knowledge.


Knowledge Technologies

We have automated how we generate knowledge graphs so that we can semantically link data and knowledge and use it for intelligent solutions.


System Modeling

We use system modeling to analyze corporate processes to find potential improvements in how they operate and to optimize their performance.

Our research highlights


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In addition to information on our AI research such as AI safeguarding and hybrid AI solutions here you’ll also find interviews and publications.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computers have the potential to process information faster and solve more complex problems than classical digital computers – including previously unsolvable tasks of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Technical publications

Our scientific staff are increasingly visible within the international scientific community, regularly publishing highly regarded papers and dissertations.