Selected Research Topics and Core Skills

The markets require innovation and innovation requires research. When teams of high-profile science experts with clear goals exchange ideas, work closely together on joint research projects, train students and PhD candidates and are active in scientific communities the result is innovation. Below are just a few examples of our core areas of research.

Research Areas


Data Science

We are responding to the challenges posed by an increasingly digitized world in which our new digital lifestyles are propelling tomorrow’s smart systems.


Multimedia Pattern Recognition

We have developed leading, efficient and reliable pattern recognition processes for speech, audio, image and video data.


Deep Learning

Deep Learning (Cognitive Computing) is a new information processing method based on artificial neural networks which has lead to revolutionary achievements in image recognition, speech processing and robotics.  


Cognitive Robotics

Cognitive robots are capable of handling unpredictable situations even in complex surroundings.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), one of the most important aspects of our future digital age, is currently experiencing a major boom in science, the economy and the media and has already become an everyday technology.


Semantic Technologies & Linked Data

Data must be structured, represented and linked in such a way, that existing data silos will be broken down, data value chains will be established and innovative applications can be implemented efficiently.