Enterprise Information Systems

Experts for Linked Data strategies

Work focuses on the research and development of linked data strategies and technologies supporting information, data and knowledge integration. We support research and technology for commercial information systems and semantic technologies and apply it to large scale projects.

The team’s work focuses on open knowledge movements and open source projects.

Using the Web for data analysis, integration and as a cross-linking platform gives companies a major opportunity to use their data efficiently, but it also poses challenges for research and practical applications.

The Fraunhofer IAIS’s Enterprise Information Systems team most notably uses semantic technology to

  • integrate,
  • process,
  • analyze and
  • explore

heterogenous data in large quantities.

Business area


Enterprise Information Integration

We help you make optimal use of your company’s data and expertise to generate real digital value.


Industrial Analytics

The combination of Big Data, AI technology and our expertise will optimize your production processes.


AI based Design of Experiments (DoE)

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Core competency


Knowledge Technologies

We automate the generation of knowledge graphs to link data and knowledge semantically and use them for intelligent solutions.