Enterprise Information Systems

Experts for Linked Data strategies

The department Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) at Fraunhofer IAIS is led by Dr. Steffen Lohmann.

The primary objective is to advance research and technology in the field of enterprise information systems & semantic technologies and to widely apply this research in large-scale use cases. A particular focus of research and technology is information, data and knowledge integration employing Linked Data strategies. The department is committed to the open source, open access and open knowledge movements.

Using the Web as a platform for the analysis, integration and linking of data provides enterprises with a great potential for efficiently exploiting their data, but at the same time poses challenges to research and practice.

In particular, the Enterprise Information Systems department of Fraunhofer IAIS is using semantic technologies for
* integrating,
* processing,
* analysing, and
* exploring
heterogeneous data at a large scale.

Business Area


Enterprise Information Integration

New data-driven business models can help you gain a competitive advantage. You can rely on us to show you the best way to link and integrate your company’s heterogeneous data pools.

Research Area


Semantic Technologies & Linked Data

Data must be structured, represented and linked in such a way, that existing data silos will be broken down, data value chains will be established and innovative applications can be implemented efficiently.