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Cutting-edge research on conversational AI and knowledge graphs: At the institute's location in Dresden, we are working on new systems of human-machine interaction and developing dialogue systems for various application areas.

Intelligent systems that support people are already part of our everyday lives: smartphones and voice assistants, for example, accompany us every day, providing support and information – quickly, intuitively and in real time. But Artificial Intelligence systems are also becoming increasingly important in our daily work life and offer great potential to support people in their tasks. Intelligent assistants and learning systems are becoming increasingly important, especially in industry, for example in the area of production technology, logistics or customer service.

Technology offerings

Knowledge graphs

Retrieve information efficiently and conveniently

The amount of data available in companies is growing and growing. Quick access to relevant information can offer decisive advantages.  

Knowledge graphs structure data and information, enable semantic linking and, in many cases, are the basis for making Artificial Intelligence applications explainable and delivering results that are comprehensible to humans.

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Conversational AI

From chatbot to cognitive assistant

We develop intelligent dialogue systems that enable fast and efficient access to information via voice commands or text input. We work with knowledge-driven language models.

The result: complete solutions for very different areas of application that meet data protection requirements and are tailored to the respective needs of the users – such as specific, German-language technical vocabulary or special requirements of the areas of application. Our solutions are quickly operational and easily scalable.

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Large AI language models

Data-based business solutions for European needs

A language model maps how words relate to each other. "Car", for example, is related to "traffic". The AI software learns such relationships from knowledge inputs through texts from websites and books and with the help of neural networks. The more artificial synapses a language model has and the more text it has "read" during training, the better the programme can figure out how to complete a sentence.

The economic potential of new large AI language models and foundation models is enormous. The most successful AI language models still come from the USA and China. These are often not available to the free market, or only to a limited extent, and are only used for English and Chinese languages. Due to the rapidly growing importance of large AI language models, there is an urgent need to ensure technology and data independence as well as innovation and competitiveness in Europe. In the OpenGPT-X project, Fraunhofer IAIS is working on a European answer to the American and Chinese large language models.

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About us

Our team

We are a young, multicultural team full of passion for conversational AI and knowledge graphs. We are always up to date, not only in research and application: regular training opportunities are important to us. We strengthen our cohesion through team activities.

Career opportunities

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LEAM initiative

LEAM is an initiative of the German AI Association (KI Bundesverband) and leading representatives from industry and research, including Fraunhofer IAIS, which promotes the development of large-scale AI models.


Allinga speech assistance solutions

Allinga offers data-secure speech solutions for the professional environment. The technology enables the input of questions and output of answers with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS).

SPEAKER project

The project aims to create a German AI voice assistance platform that enables a new quality in human-machine communication while complying with European data protection standards.

Lamarr Institute

The Lamarr Institute combines leading AI and ML research with practical enterprise application experience to develop powerful, trusted and sustainable AI solutions.