Smart Coding and Learning

Help design the digital world: our technology enables you to intuitively program professional hardware as well as groundbreaking technology such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Complex systems can easily be programmed using Cloud Programming Technology (CPT) and the NEPO visual programming language developed by Fraunhofer IAIS. Companies can use the same technology to program process control systems and industrial robots. Providers and users of smart home applications can also benefit from the technology package: manufacturers of machines and devices such as robot vacuum cleaners, lighting systems or kitchen appliances can easily pre-program their functions. Users can either use the default settings or adjust them to their individual needs.

The underlying CPT is a state-of-the-art web-based server technology that allows you to create NEPO programs directly in your web browser. Access to programming is quick and simple even for entry level users thanks to the NEPO visual programming language and the integrated support the programming environment provides. The platform and programming language have been used successfully in training and education for many years but industrial enterprises can also benefit as it means employees can be brought on board more quickly and the expense and effort involved in organizing training courses can be reduced.

The technology can be used in conjunction with any operating system and adapted to different types of hardware systems. The fact that NEPO is represented graphically does not alter the fact that it is a comprehensive programming language covering virtually every aspect of traditional programming languages such as C, Java or Python.

Portfolio of services

We use a state-of-the-art open source technology to facilitate the programming of complex systems. We adapt the NEPO visual programming language developed by Fraunhofer IAIS to your specific requirements and hardware systems. For cloud programming technology that runs independent of any operating system we are establishing a server architecture that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Alternatively, we can offer you the use of the Fraunhofer cloud. Our in-house training courses and online tutorials will provide your employees and customers with all of the skills they will need.

Learning to program in a playful manner for everyone

Our Open Roberta Lab gives school children, trainees, employees and business leaders the opportunity to try out practical programming for themselves. Teaching and learning resources, Roberta courses and our Open Roberta-"Coding Hubs" are also available to children who program robots, micro controllers and learning algorithms "hands on".

Adapting the platform to new devices

We are continually adapting the platform’s and cloud-based open source programming environment’s interfaces to be compatible with new hardware systems. Programming blocks can also be adjusted to specific requirements and to the specific device interface being used. The interactive support provided by the programming environment also makes it easier for beginners to learn about programming linked devices.

In-house Training for employees and customers

Our training courses and workshops are aimed at everyone wanting to know how to program intelligent devices. The IoT platform can be adapted to intelligent household gadgets and service robots as well as to industrial robots and control hardware. The visual programming language is highly intuitive so even non-IT specialists will find it easy to program new device behavior.


"Roberta® – Learning with robots"

In 2002 we started the "Roberta – Learning with robots" initiative. Since then the initiative has reached out to more than 450,000 children and young people in the form of courses, workshops and educational events. Currently, more than 2,000 Roberta Teachers teach robotics and programming at schools throughout Germany. The Open Roberta Lab, the initiative’s technological core, has so far taught programming to approximately 225,000 users from 100 countries worldwide. The platform is available in 16 languages and is constantly being expanded. Recently, we added learning algorithms and other AI components to help promote a basic understanding of AI with an emphasis on Machine Learning.

Open source programming platform

"Open Roberta®"

The "Open Roberta Lab" is a successful cloud solution used around the world – an ecosystem based on an open source community, using the visual programming language NEPO, to program a variety of applications from toys to industrial robots. NEPO® makes programming less prone to error and more efficient – no prior knowledge required. The Open Roberta® Lab is not only a leading programming platform in schools throughout Germany but is also used by companies to train their employees – from apprentices to management.

Become a Roberta Teacher

Roberta Training Courses give teachers from all types of schools and any individual with an educational and/or technical background the opportunity to become a certified Roberta Teacher.

Roberta and Artificial Intelligence

Together with partners, Roberta prepares the topic of AI for children and young people – for example, in the AI Campus with free online courses.

Promote Roberta Teacher Training

Promote digital education

Every Roberta Training qualifies teachers, reaches pupils and sustainably strengthens digital competencies in your region.

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