An LLM based tool for personalized marketing content

Improve your customer experience and personalize your product presentation

The personalization of the customer experience is playing an increasingly important role in consumers' expectations. Hence, it is essential for companies to provide relevant information that matches the individual needs of customers. The challenge is to extend personalization beyond product recommendations to the actual content displayed on the product pages or other marketing channels of the customer journey. However, the process of manually creating target group-specific media content is very time-consuming. As a result, product texts, newsletters and social media often contain highly generic content that does not sufficiently account for the specific needs and context of the individual customer. This results in missed opportunities for new customer acquisition and customer retention as well as lower conversion rates. With our solution, you can create target group-specific media content in seconds, improving the customer experience and customer lifetime value.

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Large language models create new possibilities for personalizing media content in the digital customer journey. The technology brings a number of valuable benefits.

Individual targeting

Customize your product texts to the needs and interests of your target audience. Using personalization, you can specifically address their preferences and desires, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Improved customer loyalty

By providing personalized messages and offers, you create a more personal connection with your customers. This strengthens customer loyalty and can lead to repeated purchases and recommendations.

Efficient use of contextual information

By taking into account the context, such as seasonal events or special occasions, you can optimize your product texts. This allows you to present relevant and engaging content and capture the attention of your target group.

Consistent brand identity

The tool allows you to establish the style of communication and maintain a consistent brand identity. Your customers will associate the unified and familiar language with your brand, thereby strengthening trust in your products and services.

Time and efficiency savings

Our tool automates the process of personalizing product texts, saving you time and resources. You can quickly and easily create high-quality, personalized content and use it across different platforms.

Skalierbare Lösung

Unser Ansatz ist skalierbar und wächst flexibel mit Ihrem Unternehmen, während sie gleichzeitig kosteneffizient bleibt.

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  • Data analysis without data science expertise
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The development of our demostrator is based on research results of large language models, that we are driving forward at the Lamarr Institute for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence