Offers of Technology and Consultation Services

Our commercial departments offer market-driven services which we tailor to our customers’, contractors’ and development partners’ specific requirements. Our technology and consultation services cover a wide range of functional areas in companies and organizations as well as providing developmental solutions for specific industry sectors.  

Our Business Segments


Big Data Analytics

Allow us to help you plan your in-house Big Data applications: We will guide you from the setting up of the strategic concept through to the development of Big Data Analytics solutions and architectures. We also train members of your team to become certified data scientists.


Business Modelling and Analysis

The corporate world is increasingly complex and confusing. Decisions are often made in an atmosphere of uncertainty making them not only more high-risk but also more difficult to carry through and control.


Content Technologies & Services

Our technology puts you in a position to access and exploit large amounts of text documents and audio-visual media such as radio and TV recordings or web content and to make them available to your customers in digital formats such as in media archives, media centers and libraries.


Enterprise Information Integration

Innovation is based on combining different types of data and new data-driven business models can help you gain a competitive advantage. You can rely on us to show you the best way to link and integrate your company’s heterogeneous data pools.


Image Processing

The video analysis and object and pattern recognition processes allow us to extract and process highly complex information from images alone. We have developed algorithms and software designed to be used in a variety of areas including autonomous driving, Industry 4.0 and public security systems.  


Industrial Analytics

Maschinen und Sensoren erzeugen heute hochautomatisiert große Datenmengen. Mit Big-Data-Methoden und maschinellen Lernverfahren ist es möglich, diese Informationen gewinnbringend zu analysieren. Unsere Experten begleiten Sie mit einem ganzheitlichen Ansatz bei der Entwicklung neuer Geschäftsmodelle, der Analyse Ihrer Daten und dem Aufbau der nötigen Big-Data-Infrastrukturen.


Intelligent Media and Learning Systems

Modern media adapts to the user. It is interactive and capable of learning and opens up new opportunities – such as in education and marketing. We offer you the support you need to apply technology and help you find solutions for the best use of intelligent media and the delivery of educational material.


Marketing, Market Research and Media Analysis

Understanding your customers more quickly and effectively – personalized offers and individualized services, better sales projections, reliable site analyses and media planning tailored to your target groups. These are the results you can expect from the marketing, market research and media analysis solutions we offer.

Preventive security

Preventive security is about minimizing security risks by looking for intelligent strategies and processes which recognize potential incidents before the happen.