We develop intelligent systems that work.

Our business areas

Our key business services are market-driven and tailored to our customers’, contractors’ and development partners’ specific requirements. Our technology and consultation services cover a wide range of functional areas in companies and organizations as well as providing developmental solutions for specific industry sectors.

Intelligent information and assistance systems

Intelligent systems support us in our daily lives and at work: They answer questions, recognize their environment and analyze documents. This is how technology helps simplify the way humans interact with machines, improves the quality of products or increases the safety of our roads. Our work is based on many years of expertise developing speech recognition technology, processing large volumes of data and analyzing images and audio and video files.


Computer Vision

If AI-based systems are to interact safely with humans and their environment they must be able to reliably recognize their surroundings.


Speech Technologies

Speech technology "made in Germany" is the ideal tool for extrapolating audiovisual content and enabling intuitive interaction in business-to-business applications.


Cognitive Business

We analyze corporate data, produce automated reports and optimize your business processes.

Intelligent products, processes and services for management and production

Intelligent machines, sensors and digital processes generate large volumes of data. However, companies tend to keep large amounts of information in a variety of different formats and types of documents. We ensure you make the most of the potential this data has to offer and make it possible for you to integrate information from different types of sources. With our help your production will become more flexible and efficient and it will be easier for you to develop new business models or bring innovative products to the market.


Enterprise Information Integration

We help you make optimal use of your company’s data and expertise to generate real digital value.


Industrial Analytics

The combination of Big Data, AI technology and our expertise will optimize your production processes.


Auto Intelligence

We develop intelligent mobility concepts and customer-specific software solutions for the automotive industry.


Healthcare Analytics

We offer intelligent solutions aimed at optimizing processes and promoting clinical diagnostics and therapies within the healthcare sector.

Digital transformation solutions

Digitalization is impacting and transforming our economy and our society. We are here to help you recognize opportunities and meet any challenges you might encounter. We develop tailor-made digitalization strategies for companies and organizations – from reviewing your current systems and putting new organizational and technical strategies into place right up to ensuring that staff continue to enjoy CPD – helping secure their long-term success. We do this through our expertise and experience with System Modeling, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Big Data Analytics and Intelligence

We will guide you from the initial concept through to the implementation of your specific and sustainable AI strategy.


Company Engineering

We create structures that allow our customers to successfully manage their long-term business ventures.


Preventive Security

Preventive security is about minimizing security risks by looking for intelligent strategies and processes which will recognize potential incidents before they happen.


Smart Coding and Learning

We help our customers prepare for the digital world – be that at school, as part of education and training schemes or all the way through to management.