Cognitive Business Optimization

We optimize and automate business processes. Using Machine Learning and Text Mining we automatically extract information from large data pools, analyze documents and produce automated reports. This results in all business information and key figures being available at any time in the most up-to-date format as possible and clearly laid out. This information can be accessed internally within the company and also made available to advisers, analysts and investors.

In the majority of cases, company information and data is not only not saved in one place it is usually saved in a variety of different formats such as texts, tables, images or videos. Finding the correct information can be time-consuming work, typically characterized by a series of manual routines: Documents need to be found, classified, categorized and evaluated.

Our AI-based solutions automatically extract the relevant information such as from contracts and business reports. Documents can also be automatically checked for consistency and plausibility.

Data and information extracted and checked in this way can then be automatically combined into digests and reports. With given KPI’s for example it is possible to compile financial reports. Our AI systems can also analyze sales turnover figures or staff numbers, evaluate any developments and write up a standard report based on the results.

Business data processed in this way can be used to make recommendations on decisions, to minimize risks and to optimize business processes.

Portfolio of services

Our solutions make it possible for business documents to be analyzed, checked and automatically created as well as business processes to be automated and optimized. They are primarily used in administrative areas such as procurement, controlling and audits. Our customers are typically banks and consultancy, insurance, information, telecommunication and technology companies. We do, though, have clients from other sectors where information needs to be laboriously extracted or documents created in a standardized form as part of procurement or distribution processes.

Understanding business documents

Machine Learning helps us digitalize and automate document-based activities. Our solutions help extract and summarize information from documents, irrespective of whether they exist in the form of texts, tables, footnotes etc.

Creating documents automatically

Our solutions help create automated digests and reports for the purpose of analyzing sales turnover figures or staff numbers, evaluating developments and formulating the results in a standardized text.

Analyzing business processes

We analyze, simulate and model business processes. For instance, we can use the results to identify anomalies and recommended systems to optimize processes and costs.

Knowledge transfer

We are working with different universities on new Machine Learning research methods, particularly on simulation based AI, Quantum Machine Learning, text mining and behavioral analyses. We test their practicability and make sure that their introduction into business and industry is smooth.

Quantum readiness for companies

Fit for the future: With the "IAIS Evo Annealer", companies can already exploit the potential of quantum technologies today without having to access a quantum computer.


Automated document checks

Our tool for searching documents automatically extracts salient information from contracts, business reports and requirement and specification documents.

For instance, a plausibility test can be performed for leasing contracts and the terms of contract can be aligned with international regulations. Annual reports can be checked automatically for confirmation that they are complete and any missing information can be identified automatically.

Insight Financials

Insight Financials is an intelligent search engine and a benchmarking tool for investors and advisers.

Financial reports of thousands of companies can be examined by autonomous web crawlers and all of the information required by the user extracted using Artificial Intelligence. This information is provided in real time and is based on an intuitive web application which can carry out a granular search for a wide range of information. This also makes it possible to carry out a direct comparison with competitors which is not only valuable information for the management of a company, but also for auditors and investors.

Anonymizing and pseudonymizing financial documents

The Anonymizer identifies sensitive personal or company-related information in financial documents. Artificial Intelligence is then used to black out all information that might identify a company or individual.