Generative AI – Plan

Use Case workshops

Identify and evaluate possible applications of foundation models

In our Use Case workshops, we identify and/or evaluate concrete applications of foundation models in your company.

  • We take into account your individual requirements (e.g. regarding trustworthiness or technical aspects),
  • evaluate the potential and feasibility of the use cases,
  • prioritize your optimal solution,
  • and outline the next steps.

Contact us if you would like to identify use cases or if you already have use cases and would like to know how to implement them (choice of model, make or buy).

GenAI Campus

Try out possible applications of Generative AI

The multi-day GenAI Campus is aimed at employees from all areas of your company who want to test innovative use cases around GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) themselves. The goal is to implement GPT use cases in your company:

  • Increase the knowledge of large AI language models in the company.
  • Assess the potential based on real data and use cases.
  • Achieve quick wins by prompting external AI language models (e.g. ChatGPT) or internal AI language models (Fraunhofer or enterprise IT).

Technical consulting

Find the right foundation model for your application

Open source or closed source: There are already several foundation models on the market. We can assist you in selecting the most suitable Foundation Model for your specific use case, hosting and servicing the model, and integrating the model with your existing systems.

  • We integrate your enterprise data (quality, type, etc.).
  • We take into account your requirements for multimodality and multilingualism.
  • We regard your available resources (hardware, costs) for training, fine-tuning and sustainable operation of the models.

We can also perform feasibility studies for the implementation and integration of the models.

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  • Get a compact overview
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive data science training program


  • Test Foundation models for your application
  • We develop customized and industry-specific solutions


  • Safeguard your applications from risk
  • Deploy applications on your infrastructure



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