Generative AI

Unleash the potential of a new generation of Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT, BERT, LLaMA and more are already changing the way companies work. Generative AI will impact every industry and its value chain in the foreseeable future. Start now and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our long-standing AI expertise includes training large AI language models and implementing AI solutions based on Generative AI. Based on this, we have developed a comprehensive offering for enterprises.

If you are planning to use Generative AI in the areas of text, speech, images, etc., we can provide you with support by either giving you an introduction to the topic, by identifying possible applications in your company or by helping with implementation and safeguarding in productive operation.

Find out more about our services for companies or arrange an initial meeting. We look forward to receiving your inquiry via the contact form.

Our Generative AI offerings at a glance