About us

We turn your data in something more

Increasing digitization and networking throughout society is having a major impact on all walks of life. It means more and more data – »Big Data« – now needs to be accessed and analyzed if we are to continue to gain new insights and to develop intelligent solutions for industry and mankind. If companies can find ways to successfully analyze the vast data streams now being generated in production processes, public infrastructures or online and not only intelligently fuse them together but also integrate them into their decision making processes, they will have gained a crucial competitive advantage on the international stage.

During their efforts to do so they will encounter the twin challenges of ever increasing amounts of data being generated at increasingly greater speeds. As an alternative to analyzing individual data silos the application of a holistic semantic analysis can help optimize processes, support decisions and develop new business models. What we need are the right methods to fuse structured and unstructured data, an effective IT infrastructure and processes which allow us to analyze secure distributed data. These are just a selection of the topics currently being researched by our scientific staff.


Successful solutions not only link data and technical devices

What becomes clear is this: Successful solutions not only link data and technical devices but also departments and corporate processes – Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are not simply technological topics but, above all, strategic ones. Big Data and Machine Learning are at the heart of intelligent systems: The Fraunhofer IAIS supports companies and organizations throughout the entire process – from the development of new IT strategies through to the implementation of Big Data and AI procedures in company systems and eventually to the development of specific technical solutions.

Our expertise in data science, pattern recognition and system modeling and analysis has made the Fraunhofer IAIS one of Europe’s leading applied Big Data and AI research institutions in Europe. Our 280 strong team is capable of combining in-depth industry knowledge with scientific expertise across a full range of technical disciplines, most notably information technology but also mathematics, natural sciences, business management, geo sciences and social sciences.