Preventive Security

Security risks can result from many causes including technical defects, targeted attacks or simply human failure. We help you recognize security risks, develop effective countermeasures and translate them into targeted actions.

We follow the "preventive security" principle which, in the run-up to safety-relevant events, starts searching for intelligent strategies and processes for risk minimization.

We develop systems designed to be resilient from the outset and are characterized by "Resiliency by Design". In this context we look at classical and cyber threats simultaneously. We identify indicators targeted at early risk detection which can recognize new threats and be monitored in real time. We represent the indicators in the form of situational images so that together with you we can more easily analyze vulnerabilities and develop and implement strategies for a rational and sustained security management.

Portfolio of services

We offer analyses, solutions and innovations relating to preventive security, data protection and defensive actions against cyber attacks. Companies, federal authorities and local authorities, the European Union and organizations tasked with and working in security and law enforcement such as the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, have all benefited from our services. We work in collaboration with you to design resilient security architectures and reconnaissance and situational reporting systems. We offer advice on how to use intelligent management systems, protect critical infrastructures and how cities, communities and companies are best placed to adapt to climate change.

  • Technological advice, system integration and technical feasibility studies
  • Advice on cyber resilience and security architectures
  • Risk and vulnerability analyses for organizations, systems and processes
  • Adapting to the consequences of climate change
  • Systems for faster decision making
  • Development of scenarios and specialist military consultation
  • Innovation management

360° company security check

This will give you a good understanding of where you currently stand in terms of security in your company. We identify critical areas and develop a strategy to ensure your company remains capable of operating throughout a crisis.


360° climate change resilience check

We use vulnerability analyses to assess how specific risks resulting from climate change could effect your company. We also develop a strategy involving measures that need to be taken to tackle climate change and its consequences.


Cities and communities adapting to climate change

Starting with a comprehensive status analysis and in close cooperation with relevant city officials we draw up a vulnerability analysis tailored to the specific requirements of your city or community. Based on the results of this analysis we create a comprehensive adaptation strategy.


Protecting critical infrastructures

It is essential that continually changing technical, political and environmental parameters are taken into account when protecting critical infrastructures. We can investigate possible protection measures and their dynamic effects.


Security research

We plan security architectures for German companies, the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, and other public sector bodies. We also work on developing innovative and intelligent management systems aimed at making better decisions and acquiring information. 


Leadership systems for port protection

For the past ten years now we have been working with the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapons (Wehrtechnische Dienststelle für Schiffe und Marinewaffen) on the future of their intelligent leadership systems. A variety of information derived from local sensors and other sources is amalgamated to give a single coherent overview of the situation. With the help of intelligent analysis procedures and innovative visualization techniques a clear picture and assessment of the situation can be provided for even the most complex of situations.

Climate resilient cities and critical infrastructures

As part of our interdisciplinary projects we deal with the consequences of climate change on cities and their critical infrastructures. Using quantitative calculations and the identification of indicators we generate event chain diagrams and risk charts. The authorities responsible for cities can use specific software tools to apply our findings.

ATLAS – Definition of the next generation of standards for data-driven agriculture

Data plays a central role in modern agriculture. The Horizon 2020 "ATLAS" project aims to improve the interoperability of a diverse range of machines, sensors and data connection platforms in agriculture. In addition to building new, innovative business models for use in data-driven agriculture we are also planning to develop an open digital service platform for agricultural applications.