Audio Mining

AI makes more of media

Whether in editing, hosting, or archiving, harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your media library. Audio Mining makes it possible to discover, preserve, and reuse audiovisual media in a new way. Using intelligent multimedia pattern recognition algorithms, Audio Mining automatically generates a wide range of metadata for media files, converting spoken words into searchable text. This makes it quick and easy to retrieve media information such as terms, quotes, speakers, or keywords, and significantly streamlines media library management with minimal effort. Our Audio Mining supports 99 languages, expanding your international reach.


All tools for processing audiovisual content in one application.

Our audio mining system includes everything needed to process large volumes of audiovisual media: from a media archive and crawler to the option to synchronize metadata between instances and the ability to monitor the various processes internal to the system.

Focus on flexibility and usability

Thanks to its service-oriented architecture and message-based communication, the audio mining system offers a high degree of flexibility and the possibility to tailor the range of functions to your individual needs. This allows the system to be integrated into an existing media archive and used, for example, as a metadata enrichment service, or to function as a stand-alone media archive.

Supporting your requirements

For your version of the audio mining system, we can draw on existing workflows, e.g., for text mining or audio transcription, or we can develop new individual workflows for you. In close cooperation with your team, customer-specific AI models can be trained, new analysis services can be developed or additionally existing services can be connected.

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With the audio mining system of Fraunhofer IAIS, audio and video tracks can be searched specifically for original sounds, and speaker recognition allows people to be found and targeted in the file.

Advantages of Audio Mining

On-premise vs. Cloud

You can use the Audio Mining technology on-premise or in a cloud-based solution.

Customization of speech recognition

The audio mining technology can be specialized to your individual use case. Examples are the processing of dialectal speech or the integration of specialized vocabulary. This was successfully implemented for the Saxon parliament, for example.

Data security

Flexibility in server selection allows you to tailor data security to your individual needs and cost structures.

Use case

Audio Mining System for ARD (joint organisation of Germany's regional public-service broadcasters)

As part of a partnership with one of the public-service broadcasters (WDR) and convit GmbH, the Media Data Hub, a media data system, is being developed. Our mining platform is an essential component with the automatic indexing of media content.

As part of the central ARD metadata system, the mining platform processes the radio and television reports produced every day, as well as relevant accompanying materials, news reports and press articles. The metadata obtained in this way is used for cross-media research, among other things, but can also be used by other ARD systems.

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