Intelligent data analysis within Industrie 4.0

Highly automated, modern machines and sensors produce vast amounts of data. It is only through the application of Big Data methods and machine-based learning that such quantities of information can be analyzed efficiently and cost effectively. Our experts’ holistic approach helps you design and develop new business models, analyze your data and build the necessary Big Data infrastructure.

Industrial Analytics

Industrie 4.0 – Successful digitization strategies for production

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A process orientated approach to Industrial Analytics: Please click to enlarge

Digitization, integrated production and the Internet of Things – the technological changes they each require create challenges which must be overcome by production engineers, logistics service providers and machine and plant manufacturers.

Our experts’ holistic approach helps you design and develop new business models, analyze your data and build the Big Data infrastructure necessary to turn you into a »data driven company«. Central to this concept is the development of new and sustainable business models which allow you to exploit the full potential of your production data.

We also support engineers in their efforts to develop data driven solutions to common problems such as the detection of initial parameter setups for machines, end of line test analysis and the increased availability of technical plants. Our data scientists are fully conversant with the latest analytical methods and have extensive hands-on experience building Big Data infrastructures.

Range of services on offer

New business models

Industrie 4.0 allows new solutions to be introduced in the production sector. We are committed to helping identify potential and develop data driven business models.

Methods of analysis

Combining the methods of Big Data and data analytics will give you new insights into your processes and puts you in a position to offer innovative services such as preventative maintenance.

Training: Training modules on offer

The »Smart Data and Big Data for Industrie 4.0« compact seminar provides you with the tools necessary to introduce digital intelligence into your value added chain.

Reference Projects

Who we work for and what issues we are faced with: A selection of project examples within research and industry.