People and structures are essential for success

Business Modelling and Analysis

The expertise to recognize potential. The craft to enhance it.

The corporate world is increasingly complex and confusing. Decisions are often made in an atmosphere of uncertainty making them not only more high-risk but also more difficult to carry through and control.

As a service provider we help you sharpen existing corporate structures, develop future ones and guide you through the transformation process.

The Expertise The Craft

Our methods are well-established in the market and include TAM-Modelle. greenfield methods, business fall networks and serious gaming.

Our team is made up of experienced advisors, scientists and technology experts.



We will guide you for as long as you feel necessary: Beginning with an analysis of your current situation through to the development of target structures and eventually the rollout strategies required to make them happen.

We do not consider ourselves to be an external interference factor but more a partner who uses modern methods to actively engage your employees in specific project phases.



Management Advice

Alignment of your strategy, adjustment of business models and process optimization – irrespective of who the manufacturer is.

360° IT Strategy Check

A full assessment of your current IT system including design and potential future options.

Operational Excellence

Structuring and improving your IT processes and their role within the production, distribution and corporate model.

Support with ERP Introduction

Systematic selection of the most suitable ERP solution irrespective of who the manufacturer is.


Digital Transformation

An analysis of available drivers and options to digitally transform your business.


A system model which is 5% better than that of your competitor gives a 10% advantage.