Media Engineering

The work of the Media Engineering department (ME) is centered on “Cognitive Business Optimization”, “Smart Coding and Learning” and AI-based industrial image processing.

Our research methodology is application-orientated. The research priorities in our department are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Quantum Computing. Our customers are small and medium-sized companies and large corporations. We offer tailored and need-based solutions in the form of development projects, consultancy and training courses – and also collaboration and cooperation in the shape of an Enterprise Innovation Campus, if required.

The Roberta – Learning with robots key business area, the Open Roberta Lab and the NEPO graphic programming language have all been created by the Smart Coding and Learning key business area. They give users such as school children, professionals in advanced vocational training and managers an intuitive and playful introduction to programming.

Our AI-based industrial image processing applications detect damage using a combination of quick preprocessing and Deep Learning. Our colleagues from the Cognitive Business Optimization key business area develop AI technology for analyzing and optimizing business management processes and automated reporting processes.

Business areas


Cognitive Business Optimization

We analyze corporate data, produce automated reports and optimize your business processes.


Smart Coding and Learning

We are turning you into designers of the digital world – from smart home applications up to industrial processes and robots.

Core competency


Machine Learning

We help shape the future of Machine Learning, driven by data and knowledge.

Our research highlights