Our Exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE

This year, Fraunhofer IAIS will be represented with two exhibits at the joint stand of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft at HANNOVER MESSE. Experts from the fields of speech dialog systems and automatic image recognition will be presenting their innovations in hall 2, stand 22. You are welcome to arrange personal talks with the Fraunhofer researchers in advance. Simply contact the contact person named under the respective exhibits.

Spoken dialog systems for business and domain knowledge

Exhibit 13, Fraunhofer joint stand hall 2, stand C22

Speech-driven technology is used in more and more areas of life, enabling intuitive interaction with technology, providing service and information. It is not only useful in everyday life, but also offers companies great potential for facilitating human-machine interaction and offering completely new services to customers.

Fraunhofer develops speech technologies with a special focus on domain-specific knowledge for application in various fields of business and industry. Combining our state-of-the-art components for Speech Recognition, Question/Answering via Knowledge Graphs and Speech Synthesis, our technologies address in particular the concrete challenges and needs of enterprises and B2B applications. Moreover, these technologies “100% made in Germany” ensure technological sovereignty, data can be stored and processed within secure data spaces and the methods of “Informed Machine Learning”, developed within the Fraunhofer Center for Machine Learning, make sure that the systems can even be trained on small data sets. In cooperation with Volkswagen AG, MOVR, and Fraunhofer IIS we present a research prototype of a domain-specific dialog system which answers questions about certain points of interests within a specific use case.


You are welcome to contact us to arrange a meeting at the fair.
Contact person exhibit 13: Richa Sharma, send e-mail

Image-based Quality Control of Material Surfaces for Industrial Applications Using Machine Learning

Exhibit 14, Fraunhofer joint stand hall 2, stand C22

Machine Learning applications for automatic detection of damage to material surfaces can improve product quality and reduce cost and time for the quality control process. Within the Fraunhofer Research Center for Machine Learning, scientists of Fraunhofer IAIS are working on expanding the application field of Machine Learning to make it more explainable and applicable to cases where there is a lack of suitable data.

One approach is Informed Machine Learning, which integrates expert knowledge, for example data from simulations or physical laws. In one project, the Fraunhofer IAIS team developed an image-based detection system for damage from hailstorms on vehicles. Insurance companies and their appraisers face the challenge of having to assess a large number of cases within a short time span. To facilitate the process, a mobile unit scans the car body’s damaged parts. Afterwards, the Fraunhofer Machine Learning algorithm detects, classifies and measures the damages automatically. The system is filed for patent application.

The technology is applicable to other areas of industrial quality assurance and damage control, where smooth and reflective surfaces are produced, processed or tested.

You are welcome to contact us to arrange a meeting at the fair.
Contact person exhibit 14: Ulrich Nütten, send e-mail

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