PhD at Fraunhofer IAIS

Would you like to do your PhD with us?

We can offer you the option of studying for a PhD with a doctoral research position within one of the collective research groups the institute runs in conjunction with the University of Bonn. These positions allow you to participate in our projects whilst leaving you sufficient time to research and write your dissertation. This has the added advantage of allowing you to complete your dissertation within a relatively short time frame. Job adverts can be found in German language on the Fraunhofer IAIS website under the "Career" tab or on our University research groups' websites.

Even if you are working for us full-time it is still possible for you to be on a PhD program as long as you bear in mind that project work will take priority. Depending on the workload involved with your particular project it should be possible to continue working on a dissertation. In these circumstances it is advisable to allow more time for your PhD. How easy it is to combine a full-time job and a PhD depends very much on the individual position but if you are interested, please have a look at our job adverts and get in touch with the named contact person responsible for the position you are interested in.

You are interested in a particular field of research but cannot find the right kind of job adverts? We would still encourage you to get in touch with the relevant departments. Depending on the situation there may be opportunities open to you.

PhD positions at University of Bonn

Are you interested in an optimal combination of academic and applied research?

As a PhD student in one of our working groups at the University of Bonn you will combine working closely with Fraunhofer IAIS departments supporting our research and economy projects with studying for your PhD.