School internship

I am looking to participate in a high school internship program

Nothing teaches you more than your own experience. We are pleased that you have chosen us to experience real working life with for the very first time.

Please send us your CV and a covering letter indicating what you would like to do and when your school internship should take place.

Please select a department of your choice and send your application for a school internship directly to that department.

Overview of all Fraunhofer IAIS departments

Depending on our capacities to support interns, the following departments offer school students internships. Which department would you like to apply to?

Enterprise Information Systems EIS

Our work focuses on the research and development of linked data strategies and technologies supporting information, data and knowledge integration. We aim to support technological research and development for commercial information systems and semantic technologies and to apply it to large scale projects. This is why we are involved in open knowledge movements and open source projects.


Contact: Martina Wiegand
(Internships are possible starting from February 2020 onwards)
Send application via e-mail