Individual Marketing, Fast Market Research and Media Planning Driven by Target Audiences

Marketing, Market Research & Media Analysis

Individualized and efficient Marketing

Our marketing models generate personalized offers for your customers and better sales forecasts for you – so helping optimize your planning and pricing. You can use our path analyses to generate offers in your retail outlets or on site and compare yourself with your competitors using our Germany-wide Mobility Map.

Fast Market Research

Develop individualized services and marketable products using our online services which allow you to directly observe and analyze your online trading, your customer loyalty cards and coupons as well as social media opinion of your products. For small-scale studies we correlate representative surveys with a synthetic population to calculate the distribution of socio-demographic variations. We also invite you to participate in our data scientist training events.

Media Planning Driven by Target Audiences

Our German-wide frequency atlas and award-winning outdoor advertising media analysis help us support media organizations with their media planning, evaluation of advertising media and the development of new quality guidelines and scope models.

Range of services on offer

Solutions for Different Industry Sectors

Tools and offers for outdoor advertising and media planning.  

Smart Semantics

Our technology is designed to intelligently analyze unstructured text data and can assist you not only with your opinion polls and market research but also with content and knowledge management.

Online Emotions Radar

An automated process which helps detect online opinions of your products and services.

Geo Marketing

Analyzing internal corporate data together with external geo data generates new knowledge and information. We help you select and edit the geo data relevant to you.