Intelligent Media for Information and Education

Intelligent Media and Learning

Intelligent Media and Educational Systems

Modern forms of media are only able to adapt to their users and to the many different contexts in which they are used because of the comprehensive and innovative data analysis methods they employ. They are interactive and adaptive. They open up new opportunities for the use of media – such as in education and marketing irrespective of whether the user is a college student, university student or consumer. It is all about providing the user with content that is relevant to them and making it easy for them to deal with. We offer you the support you need to apply technology and find solutions with intelligent media and educational systems.

Range of services on offer

Digital Overlays in Advertising

This is how you can reach out to your target groups as part of live broadcasts: our Viba system helps you record different marketing content on LED boards.

MINT Education and Learning

Whether for school, university or other educational establishments we have developed technical solutions which make it easier for you to effectively convey educational ideas and material.  

User and Trend Analysis

We can support you with the development of systems designed to analyze users and trends allowing you to satisfy your customers’ requirements and preferences far more effectively and easily.