Workshop Series: Artificial Intelligence & Industry 4.0


  • Keynote speakers from international industry & academia
  • Excellent young talents draft innovative proof-of-concept solutions to actual problems.
  • A reality check by expert reviewers confirms the further viability of the initial solutions.
  • The events provide their participants with a network of business/project partners for subsequent experimentation and implementation.

1st Workshop, Bad Füssing (Germany)

The Challenges of Trust, Interoperability and Autonomy in Industry 4.0

  • 11-12 April 2019
This workshop is the first in a series of events aiming at investigating how Artificial Intelligence technologies can tackle the challenging issues of Industry of the future and thus contributing to a trustful and responsible intelligent infrastructure.

Saint-Étienne (France)

Summer School

  • 8-12 July 2019

The participants of the summer school will be trained on common theoretical and practical basics by experts from industry and academia, and inspired by visions and experiences of keynote speakers. The main topics of the Summer school will be on the Web of Things, Knowledge Graphs, Decentralized AI, and Responsible AI.

2nd Workshop, Saint-Étienne (France)

Artificial Intelligence
Solutions for Trustful
Industry 4.0

  • date: to be defined

In the second, final workshop, industry experts and selected junior researchers will review the output of the summer school for its practical application potential via follow-up projects (“reality check”), draw general conclusions and draft a roadmap for further research & development.