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Silver award (public affairs) for Memobase!


Project content

Memoriav is a network of institutions charged with indexing and preserving Switzerland’s primary cultural heritage audiovisual portfolio. To make this possible experts at Fraunhofer IAIS (together with four partners) have been contracted to develop a new information portal called »Memobase« which provides users with access to the cultural heritage of Swiss memory institutions. Memobase is primarily used by experts in specialist fields such as research and science, education and media as well as by Memoriav's own partner institutions.

This version of the Memobase information portal is not only the most technically up-to-date one but it also incorporates a user friendly, multilingual and multifaceted indexing data search facility. More importantly, however, the technical platform stores multimedia data and grants a wide circle of users access to descriptive meta data (such as author, title etc.) as well as binary data such as valuable photos, sound recordings, films and videos taking copyrights into account of course. The platform supports the goal of interlinking cultural heritage across Europe and can potentially be connected to other Swiss and European portals.

Memoriav and its partner organizations can now use web-based functions via an intranet website to manage, maintain and modify their Memobase content depending on their authorization levels.


The Fraunhofer IAIS team carried out a feasibility study in 2010 which analyzed the development of the Memobase information portal. The foundations for the new Memobase portal concept were in place by March 2011 and provided customers with substantial benefits. The whole project took 19 months to implement. In October 2012 Memobase's beta version containing approximately 50 000 digital objects was made accessible to its users. Successively an increasing amount of data sets will be ingested (the system is designed for a large number of objects).

Feedback received from users during the first months was encouraging and positive. Members of the Memoriav board emphasized: »The information portal has succeeded in implementing the basic idea behind Memobase. The goal of easily finding audiovisual sources was attained in a very user friendly way.«

Memobase is essentially an individual tailor-made customer solution based on standard technologies and complemented by missing components.

Principal and partner

Memoriav – Verein zur Erhaltung des audiovisuellen Kulturgutes der Schweiz

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