Developing the »Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek«

In our highly digitized and networked world it is becoming more and more important to have unrestricted access to knowledge and information. However, the digitalization, retrieval, and linkage of information from German libraries, archives, museums, and scientific institutions is a challenging task, which needs to be organized centrally. This undertaking is now supposed to be implemented by the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB). The DDB is a long-term joint project of the German government, its federal states and local authorities. It aims to aggregate the wealth of Germany's cultural and scientific heritage and provide it to the public on the World Wide Web.

The Fraunhofer IAIS had been assigned with the planning, development and implementation of the DDB in a first stage. The Fraunhofer IAIS team and its partners had been working on the conceptual design and coordinated the efforts required to implement the DDB. To achieve this, the scientists developed the pilot system which had been handed over to the technical operator FIZ Karlsruhe by the end of 2011.

After a dry run of the system the DDB has been launched for public use as a beta version in November of 2012. Many functions, improvements and technical innovations were introduced during the beta phase. The full version of the DDB was presented to the public in March 2013. More cultural and scientific institutions as well as new functions will be integrated step by step into the web portal of the DDB in the future. Fraunhofer IAIS is supporting the further development of the DDB by maintaining and extending the IAIS-Cortex software, which is the core system of the DDB.

About the project

The DDB is a long-term joint project of the German Federal Government, its states and local authorities. The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media funded the conceptual design and implementation of the DDB utilizing funds of the Federal Government stimulus program II (IT-Investitionsprogramm) following a resolution by the German Bundestag (the German Federal Parliament). The »Kompetenznetzwerk DDB« (network of competence) is made up of notable German cultural and scientific institutions of all types, including libraries, archives and museums. It has the interests of the participating institutions at heart and offers professional and technical advice for the development and operation of the DDB.

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