Finding Media Content Quickly and Searching for it Purposefully

Many organizations including media companies, large parts of the business sector as well as archives and libraries are in possession of vast amounts of videos, images, audio files and texts. We offer them the support required to intelligently manage this valuable content and make it easier to find. We give customers and users the opportunity to access relevant content quickly and to search for specific information.

Content Technologies & Services

Intelligent Management of Media Content

In this age of digitization the intelligent management of media content is at the forefront of many business models: Publishers and libraries now offer their content digitally and media libraries have long been made available as standard by TV stations. However, for reasons of cost and efficiency it is important that internal processes are also optimized and expedited as much as possible. As the number of available documents, images, videos and audio files increases so does the challenge of making it easy to browse and finding relevant content.

Offer and Solutions

Our technology for accessing, searching and linking media content is directed at companies and public institutions who are in possession of large amounts of content which they want to make available either on the Internet or internally within their organization. We also ensure and accommodate the latest trends such as semantic enrichment, cross-mediality and tri-mediality, personalization of content and use of cloud-based applications.

Scientific Basis: Pattern Recognition and Deep Learning

We use signal processing and pattern recognition methodology to automatically structure and analyze media content. These core areas of research along with our extensive experience of Deep Learning form the scientific basis of the development of our algorithms and technical solutions which we combine with well-established software and web technology. 

Range of services on offer

Audio Mining

Are you a media observer or journalist who wants to browse audio-visual media for quotes and keywords in real time? Our audio mining system works like a conventional search engine for audio-visual content.  

Document Analysis as a Service

Access your newspaper or magazine archive with the help of our world-leading document analysis.  

Cross-Media Media Archives

Bring your media archive’s hidden treasures to light: Our technology can enrich large quantities of audio-visual content and make it easily searchable.

Document Analysis Technology

Do you prefer to analyze your documents yourself? If so we will happily integrate our technology into your systems and tailor it to your specific needs. 

Optimizing Media Libraries

Manage your moving image content on websites in the same way as you would text: Our technology opens portals, increases its penetration and extends the users’ dwell time.

Culture and knowledge portals

Our work planning and implementing modern portal applications creates new ways for cultural heritage and knowledge to be accessed and made available in digital form.

Digital Libraries

Digital libraries provide a central access point to both linked and heterogenous data and allow online searches of an organization’s entire database.

Semantic Enterprise Search

Search systems which work across a variety of different applications allow users to access all of the information they require for business from one central hub.