Big Data Consulting

Four stages towards a »data-driven company«

Through four stages we accompany you from first ideas to operative solutions in your company.

Excite – learning from the best

We will work with you on ideas for your »data-driven company« and identify opportunities and risks.

  • Excite seminar: Are you wondering how your company can benefit from big data? We will provide you with a concise view of the latest technical, scientific and commercial trends.
  • Innovation workshop: We analyse your current situation with you, develop proposals and prepare a schedule of project ideas and measures based on best practice examples.

Accelerate – igniting ideas

We help you to convert ideas quickly and efficiently.

  • Data asset scan: Are you making the best use of all the information you have to hand? We identify which internal and external data pools are most relevant and exploit previously unused information including text.
  • Starter toolkit: Our big data starter toolkit includes the most important tools and algorithms to get you going straight away. It scales seamlessly from conception to full sustainable operation.
  • Proof of concept: Benefit from our decades of data analysis experience to evaluate new ideas. We develop concepts, demonstrators and scalable prototypes for your business.

Evaluate – pursuing the right path

We develop Big Data strategies and roadmaps specifically for you.

  • Legal Big Data: We help your company manoeuvre through any potential areas of conflict between analytics and data protection to produce secure IT solutions based on »privacy by design«.
  • Roadmap: When setting up your Big Data strategy we help you find the optimal balance between technical feasibility, operational conditions and commercial appeal 

Run – getting started

Are you taking full advantage of what it means to be a »data-driven company«? We will support you with integrating your vision into the operational side of your business.

  • Training and qualification: Our data scientist trainings are geared to your specific company requirements as you prepare your teams for their big data roles and responsibilities. Your data scientists will benefit from mentoring programmes as part of ongoing projects.
  • Big data architecture and analytics: We help you seamlessly implement results and prototypes  into your productive IT systems.
  • Sustainability: We develop structures and processes which help your »data-driven company« to not only become successful but also to remain so in the long term. Our guidelines and best practices guarantee the quality and efficiency of analysis projects while still allowing data scientists the flexibility they require. The Fraunhofer technology monitoring ensures you are continually informed of every significant technological trend in your industry. It makes your big data strategy sustainable.