Analyzing Complex Images in Real Time

It is video analysis and object and pattern recognition algorithms that make it possible to process highly complex information from images and to interpret it in accordance with your specific requirements. An example of image processing technology at work would be in the automotive industry where it helps driver assistance systems recognize traffic signs.

Image Processing

Algorithms and Software Automatically Extract Information from Images

Algorithms and Software Automatically Extract Information from Images

Image processing plays a central role in many automated industrial systems. Many different sectors make use of our video analysis and object and pattern recognition processes. Practical examples include autonomous driving, Industry 4.0 and public security systems as well as optimizing the quality and efficiency of a diverse range of industrial production processes.

Offer and Solutions

The algorithms and software we have developed to automatically extract information from images can be tailored to your specific requirements. Ongoing optimization has the advantage of making highly complex image processing applications possible with increasingly fewer changes to your hardware. Powerful image processing systems capable of processing large amounts of data in such a fast and targeted way open up many possibilities for mastering an array of current technological tasks. 

Scientific Basis: Pattern Recognition and Deep Learning

Our processes for the automatic extraction of information from images are based on signal processing and pattern recognition methodology. These core areas of research combined with our extensive experience of Deep Learning form the scientific basis of the development of our algorithms and technical solutions.

Range of services on offer

Performance and Potential Analysis

We can provide you with different options for optimizing the speed and quality of your image and sensor data processing algorithms.

Object Recognition

We invite you to make use of our expertise in comparing and refining driving environment recognition solutions. Whether it is the recognition of objects or actions we can help you take a shortcut from partially to fully automated driving.  

Development of Algorithms

Our team of experts will develop algorithms tailored to your particular recognition task and your specific hardware requirements.