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“Roberta-Goes-EU” carries the Roberta idea to several other EU Member States (Austria, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy) and Switzerland. Course concepts and training materials are translated and adapted to country-specific requirements, and teachers are trained. Furthermore “Roberta-Goes-EU” builds an European network of Roberta Regional Centers and encourages the participation of student teams in robotics competitions like RoboCupJunior.

Roberta-Goes-EU was founded from 2005 - 2008 by the European Union.

The Roberta network serves both the preparation of the courses and support for the course instructors. It is intended to promote both the regional and European-wide exchange of experiences. The Roberta Regional Centres coordinate the courses in their regions and train and support the course instructors (e.g. teachers, educators, skilled students).

The film available for download (see blue box below) was part of the film "The European Research Framework - World-class research for Europe".

Roberta film clip and further information